What Everybody Ought to Know About CoWorking in San Diego

Coworking hubSan Diego has a lot to offer. It’s great for work and play. Sure, not everyone can surf the break at Trestles or hang glide off the bluff at Torrey Pines, but if you’re looking for a way to set up shop in San Diego at an affordable price, you need to check out the coworking scene pronto.

Here’s the deal: San Diego can be expensive and not everyone can afford a corner suite in Carlsbad. But the truth is, not everyone wants a corner suite. Maybe you are a home-based professional or freelancer, maybe you’re an independent contractor or maybe you just need an upgrade from the coffee shop. Either way, using a shared workspace is awesome. So we’ve compiled a little blog with everything you ought to know about coworking in San Diego.

First of all, you ought to know that coworking can help you save money. Your overheads for office space shrink to next-to-nothing and the rewards are tremendous.

Coworking can help you stay sane. If you stay at home, you could end up working in your pajamas and get sidetracked into organizing the upstairs linen closet for the fifth time. If you venture to a coworking space like the savvy business person that you are, you’ll stay focused and on your game.

We have nothing against coffee shops, but if you set up your laptop in a Starbucks you’re obligated to buy a venti money waster. With coworking, there is no feeling guilty about not buying coffee.

Coworking in San Diego affords you a much better venue to meet clients than your living room or a noisy restaurant and that’s enough said about that.

You’re also going to build community with other professionals in a collaborative and fun way. Your community of coworkers will also help you stay motivated to keep doing what you do best: crushing it.

Coworking is flexible. Leasing your own office in a mini mall is not.

What is more, you don’t have to think of everything. If your coworking space is good (Got Hub?), then they offer great features such as front desk reception without membership dues not to mention sweet Hi-Speed Internet, Apple TV for presentations and more. Got Hub? even offers Complimentary Basic Printing, Scanning, Faxing, Complimentary Coffee, Tea, Water, Snacks…where can you find that in a coffee shop?

Coworking in San Diego works best when it’s run by people who know the community and have had proven success organizing not only volunteers but also other businesses. Ray and Theresa Shay are living proof that communities operate better when they have hubs. They are already coworking and adding huge value to the community of 4S and PQ.

Don’t wait. Take a tour of a coworking space today.

What do you think? What else should people know about coworking in America’s Finest City?

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